Walnut Milk (China)

Beijing - Walnut MilkThis is a big oneWalnut milk*…from China?  A dairy drink from East Asia worth mentioning?  The joke’s on me, it’s probably just powdered flavor spirit, ya know, MSG,
a slew of sugar and walnut shavings that some factory worker happened to get in his lunch box.

Whatever it was, they had my number. Throughout my walnut milk drinking career, nearly half of it spilled, thanks in large part to that wondrous packaging and rebel straws.  What remained in the pouch though, that was a winner.  Smooth, sweet but also filling, it’s something to reward yourself with after a soccer match, not before it.  Or, if you’re a spectator, during it.  This brand, Mengniu, isn’t the only show in town, but the taste was better than any other equally dubious mainland dairy company.  I say dubious because the average carton of Chinese milk probably started off its life as glue, which, if you know about the history of glue, is awfully coincidental.

Regardless of these theories, I’d say if you’re near a packet of walnut milk and haven’t had dessert yet, give it a go.

*Walnut = 核桃 (hé​tao)
Milk = 牛奶 (niú​nǎi)

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