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U Pani Ca Meusa (Italy)

Given Name: U pani ca meusa Alias:  Panino con la milza, Sicilian spleen sandwich Place(s) of Origin: Sicily Place Consumed: Antica Focacceria S. Francesco S.A.S., Palermo, Sicily Common Features: Vastedda*, veal spleen and lungs, lard Background: I had a short-list … Continue reading

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Puchka (Bangladesh)

Given Name: Puchka Alias:  Panipuri*, Phuchka, Gol Gappa, Gup Chup Place(s) of Origin: India Place Consumed: Dhaka, Bangladesh Common Features: Potatoes, chickpeas, puri, tamarind, water, a newspaper (taking the place of banana leaves) Background: I was teaching English in Shenzhen, … Continue reading

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Yaki Curry (Japan)

Given Name: 焼きカレー Alias:  Yaki* Curry Place(s) of Origin: Moji*, Kitakyushu, Japan Place Consumed: Moji, Kitakyushu, Japan Common Features: Rice, Japanese curry sauce, cream/cheese, eggs Background: For my second visit to the island of Kyushu, I decided to visit Kitakyushu, … Continue reading

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Ikinari Dango (Japan)

Given Name: いきなり団子 Alias:  Ikinari Dango*, Imokoi* Place(s) of Origin: Kumamoto, Japan Place Consumed: Kitakyushu, Japan Common Features: Glutinous rice, sweet potato, red beans Background: I get a kick out of wandering about the depachika* of Japan, collecting food samples, … Continue reading

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Tavë Dhèu (Albania)

Given Name: Tavë Dhèu Alias: Calf’s Liver and Sour Ricotta Stew Place(s) of Origin: Albania Place Consumed: Shkodër, Albania Common Features: Calf’s liver (and/or veal), gjize*, onions, tomato paste, pepper Background: I asked one of the employee’s at my Tirana … Continue reading

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Rose Bandung

Given Name: Rose Bandung Alias: Air Bandung* Place(s) of Origin: Singapore/Malaysia Place Consumed: Singapore, at a 7-11 Common Features: Evaporated milk, rose syrup, food coloring, and water Background: Pink all over the place?  Klaxons were blaring, so I proceeded with … Continue reading

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Five Years Later, Gristle Still Tastes The Same

The memory is a bit cloudy as to when I started eating street food, though I was likely in my single-digits upon having my first New York pretzel and hot dog.  That’s where things get much clearer- I haven’t eaten … Continue reading

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