Liquorice Juice (Egypt)

Hey there, welcome back.  I hope that the first of many of 2014’s new year’s celebrations is going well for you.  Without further ado, let’s jump right into the topic: liquorice juice in Cairo, Egypt.

Cairo - Liquorice JuiceFun fact: liquorice makes me nauseous.  So then, for whom is it fun?  Not to mention, if it’s a fact, why did I order it?

Damaging Detail: Probably because it cost one Egyptian pound, which at the time was, US$.14.

Upon first taste of the drink, it was rather nice.  Somewhat bitter, unsweetened, refreshing (I can’t imagine a warm glass of the stuff), doesn’t pair well with anything except anguish, likely in an unwashed glass- I was temporarily emboldened.  Things rapidly took a turn for the worse when the liquorice flavor arose.  Even a carton of broccoli juice sounded less threatening.

To make matters worse, the shakshuka I ate, naturally served in a plastic bag, had a coin in it.  Can’t wait to go back to Egypt~

Would you dare drink liquorice?


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5 Responses to Liquorice Juice (Egypt)

  1. andmorefood says:

    this sounds pretty scary. liquorice seems best in small amounts!

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