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Huitlacoche (Mexico)…NSFW?

Relax…nothing NSFW here.  But wait, it looks like PG-13 material, no?  Naw, it’s just corn smut, better known in Mexico as huitlacoche. So, is it edible?  Yes, unlike some other things around here, it is edible.  It’s also a food.  Fancy … Continue reading

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Raita (Singapore)

Don’t you wish you had a portable diving board?  Which is to say, that’s ridiculous.  Which is also to say, I’m not feeling down on my luck, instead it’s an expression that I use every time I eat something so … Continue reading

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Chinese Sesame Cake

Yep, combining cake and China, or even much of Asia in the same thought is likely to be met with a collective po-face.  Lest you forget I’ll remind you that there’s another definition of cake which has less to do … Continue reading

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Sauerkraut Juice (USA)

Kidneys, who needs those?  That’s what detractors would say.  Translated literally from German as sour cabbage, sauerkraut is more commonly known as the food that could really use a suntan served on the side of pork sausage.  But as a … Continue reading

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Cucumber Soda (USA)

Did you know that cucumbers are fruits?  Show off to (and get summarily ridiculed by) your friends by making a fruit salad of tomatoes, avocados and cucumbers.  Also, that pastrami sandwich won’t be the same anymore… Speaking of disappointment, new … Continue reading

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Multi-Continent Mediocrity

Aren’t immigration patterns thought-provoking?  Sorry, that’s probably a better starter for my other blog. Aren’t food migration patterns thought-provoking?  They are inextricably linked to waves of immigration, but it could also be that someone went overseas, savored a particular vegetable, … Continue reading

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Otak-Otak (Indonesia)

The smoky, heavily-spiced scent is popular at the ramps leading to Transjakarta bus stations in the Indonesian capital, and with good reason; the alternative odor is exhaust from the rest of the traffic.  However, there are many reasons not to … Continue reading

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