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Raita (Singapore)

Don’t you wish you had a portable diving board?  Which is to say, that’s ridiculous.  Which is also to say, I’m not feeling down on my luck, instead it’s an expression that I use every time I eat something so … Continue reading

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Otak-Otak (Indonesia)

The smoky, heavily-spiced scent is popular at the ramps leading to Transjakarta bus stations in the Indonesian capital, and with good reason; the alternative odor is exhaust from the rest of the traffic.  However, there are many reasons not to … Continue reading

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Neither Cane Sugar Nor HFCS* Can Revive A Tooth

I believe it was at Lalbagh Fort, in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2007 when I became thirsty.  That’s deep.  But, what was I to do in a place where drinking from the tap could have easily meant getting more familiar with … Continue reading

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Sugar Cane Juice

I first tried sugar cane juice in my single digits at a local supermarket.  I had more of a sweet tooth back then, but didn’t want to overindulge because I kept thinking that drinking too much of it would make … Continue reading

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Rasgulla (India)

Given Name: Rasagola Alias:  Rasgulla Place(s) of Origin: Odisha (Orissa), India Place Consumed: Dhaka, Bangladesh Common Features: chhena*, maida*, sugar syrup, (lemon juice) Background: I’m a sucker for South Asian desserts, but oh are they cloying.  More so than simply … Continue reading

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Puchka (Bangladesh)

Given Name: Puchka Alias:  Panipuri*, Phuchka, Gol Gappa, Gup Chup Place(s) of Origin: India Place Consumed: Dhaka, Bangladesh Common Features: Potatoes, chickpeas, puri, tamarind, water, a newspaper (taking the place of banana leaves) Background: I was teaching English in Shenzhen, … Continue reading

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