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Knowledge is Power, Particularly When You’re Hungry

It’s a cinch finding something to eat in Jakarta.  Whether or not you want to eat it is a different story, as is whether or not you should, but those two moments of reluctance when approaching a street food vendor are … Continue reading

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Language Problems, Volume 2: Once Offal, Twice Awful

If you’re wondering where Language Problems, Volume 1 can be found, here’s a bit of assistance.  But that entry wasn’t titled as such, because upon ordering what I thought was a foccacia sandwich, I saw exactly what was going to deceive … Continue reading

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Coffee Ramen (Japan)

Ten ingredients you wouldn’t like to see in the same bowl of ramen: Coffee beans Coffee noodles Eggs (and their yolks) Vanilla ice cream Bananas Gouda (inexorably processed, that is) Kamaboko (processed fish cake with mind-numbing preservatives) Kiwi Salami Ham … Continue reading

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Nothing is Better Than Something: In-Flight Meals in the US and China

Is anything enjoyable about flying?  There are weather delays, carnivorous aircraft, 你知道我是谁?’s (the Chinese version of Do You Know Who I Am?), the TSA, and svelte seats for morally obese passengers. That’s all fine and good if you’re self-loathing, but … Continue reading

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Shiromomo (Japan)

Given Name: 白桃 Alias: Shiromomo, (Shimizu) white peach Place(s) of Origin: China, but they’ve been in Japan for centuries Place Consumed: Okayama, Japan Background: Have you heard of the Japanese tale called *Momotaro (桃太郎)?  There’s a good chance it originated … Continue reading

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