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Walnut Sausage

Given Name: ჩურჩხელა (churchkhela) Alias: pestil cevizli sucuk Place(s) of Origin: Georgia (the one where many people can stay for nearly a year visa-free) Place Consumed: Ankara, Turkey Common Features: Grape must*, flour and nuts, and fruit juices wouldn’t hurt … Continue reading

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Chinese New Year, Volume 1

Wealth.  Treasure.  Joy.  Score a goal- well, that too- Advance.  Whether or not you knew that the Chinese characters printed on these apples had those meanings, you’d more likely want to know that they still taste like apples.  And what … Continue reading

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Date Milk Shake (UAE)

It’s a treat being in a Muslim country during part of Ramadan because it means there is an overabundance of dates available.  If you’re put off by the look of a date because you think it might as well be … Continue reading

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Muchimhoe (Republic of Korea)

Given Name: 무침회* Alias: Muchimhoe Place(s) of Origin: Daegu, Republic of Korea Place Consumed: Daegu, Republic of Korea Common Features: Seafood (but not fish), gochujang* Background: I’d be hard pressed not to find a good meal from the Korean peninsula.  … Continue reading

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Sugar Cane Juice

I first tried sugar cane juice in my single digits at a local supermarket.  I had more of a sweet tooth back then, but didn’t want to overindulge because I kept thinking that drinking too much of it would make … Continue reading

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Who Needs a Label When You’ve Got a Stomach?

Growing up in New York and being introduced to a variety of cuisines helped save me from exhibiting a few untimely gasps when traveling overseas-  raw fish in Japan, multicolored “styrofoam chips” from Thailand and anything that moves in China come … Continue reading

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