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Water Chestnut Juice (馬蹄水)

Water chestnuts– these vegetables possess a great crunch, but for whatever reason I wasn’t much of a fan as a kid.  It might be because I liken the taste to adding salty water to sweetened soil. Also, I never liked (and … Continue reading

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A Can of Kouji, Japan’s National Fungus

You’re a tricky son-of-a-gun, “酒.”  For all intents and purposes, you refer to alcohol.  But when you’re (the reader, not the Chinese character) in a 酒店 in China these days, it’s a hotel.  And when you (me, the writer, not … Continue reading

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Sometimes You Don’t Need a Description. I Call Those Times Belgian Waffles.

Europe, you haven’t been a common guest around these parts.  Well, there’s always this place, still trudging along after all these years.  You see, I like to treat my readers to the unfortunate brainchildren of the world– olive and asparagus … Continue reading

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Neither Cane Sugar Nor HFCS* Can Revive A Tooth

I believe it was at Lalbagh Fort, in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2007 when I became thirsty.  That’s deep.  But, what was I to do in a place where drinking from the tap could have easily meant getting more familiar with … Continue reading

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Ascending Potato Mountain

Save for the photo itself, I have to give credit to an old friend for this one.  When she lived in Beijing, China the so-called potato mountain was a frequent visitor to her monogrammed chopsticks.  Ah no, they weren’t monogrammed, but … Continue reading

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