What’s the Opposite of Yummy? Yummy.

Jakarta - Ricotta Cheese (Yummy brand)Daybreak, JakartaThe scene: A supermarket at the Plaza Indonesia mall.  What’s on offer there?  Food.  Powdered milk is the norm in Indonesia, and I have a hunch part of the reason is that electricity is not always reliable.  Being in the tropics doesn’t help much either.  Though, since it’s an expat-friendly supermarket, some dairy products are even refrigerated.

I was in the mood for some cheese.  Strike number one.  However, I didn’t feel like paying expat prices.  Strike two.  Thus, I settled for ricotta produced by Yummy, an Indonesian company that exists for the benefit of no one. A question remains though- is any part of Indonesia known for dairy?  Breed some water buffaloes, and you’d be on to something…in West Sumatra.

In spite of that anomaly, let this post be a lesson for you:  if a container of Yummy ricotta costs less than a similar size might in Italy, an infrequent splurge is probably worth it!

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4 Responses to What’s the Opposite of Yummy? Yummy.

  1. expatlingo says:

    Cheese: the Achilles’ heel of the sensible budget-conscieous expat.

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