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New Idea(s)

Don’t worry everyone, I still like food… But this idea has been stirring about for a while now: what’s in a restaurant name? I blame my fascination with language, Japan and China for this.  You see, there’s no shortage of places … Continue reading

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Poke and Haupia (Hawaii, US)

I didn’t know much about Hawai’ian cuisine before my unexpected trip to Honolulu in 2008, except that I often noticed Mauna Loa macadamias on sale at airport duty-free shops.  There was something about burying food in the sand too, though … Continue reading

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I Left My Heart in Kansas City. I’m Talking About Eating Barbecue.

Let’s play a game. Heart healthy.  Which of the following do you not associate with that phrase?: (Oh, it’s my turn already?)  Salmon, exercise, the United States, barbecue, Wankel rotary engine. – Looks like the words written in bold are … Continue reading

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Huitlacoche (Mexico)…NSFW?

Relax…nothing NSFW here.  But wait, it looks like PG-13 material, no?  Naw, it’s just corn smut, better known in Mexico as huitlacoche. So, is it edible?  Yes, unlike some other things around here, it is edible.  It’s also a food.  Fancy … Continue reading

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Sauerkraut Juice (USA)

Kidneys, who needs those?  That’s what detractors would say.  Translated literally from German as sour cabbage, sauerkraut is more commonly known as the food that could really use a suntan served on the side of pork sausage.  But as a … Continue reading

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Cucumber Soda (USA)

Did you know that cucumbers are fruits?  Show off to (and get summarily ridiculed by) your friends by making a fruit salad of tomatoes, avocados and cucumbers.  Also, that pastrami sandwich won’t be the same anymore… Speaking of disappointment, new … Continue reading

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Mexico City’s Griddle of Gastric Goodness

Some might complain that the same griddle shouldn’t be used for both vegetables and carne, or meat.  Sometimes I’d agree– I’m a big fan of late-night barbeque vendors in China, but when they place the red tide shellfish and Chinese … Continue reading

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