Fugazza (Argentina)

Buenos Aires - FugazzaGiven Name: Fugazza
Alias: Not pizza
Place(s) of Origin: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Place Consumed: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Common Features: foccacia-style bread, mozzarella cheese, onions
Background: My travel companion liked to frequently snack, in addition to sitting and having a meal.  We’re talking about food here, so who am I to complain?  Her hunger pangs led us to a casual restaurant somewhere in that sprawling capital, and it didn’t hurt that pizza was on her mind.   What didn’t help was that we didn’t get served pizza.
Verdict: Instead, an oily circle of flavorless “uncheese”, topped with eggplant, olives, onions, and oregano awaited us.  Wait, where’s the tomato sauce?  Right.  No wonder we got weird looks from the waiter when I asked for a serving of it- fugazza DOESN’T do tomato sauce.  Come on, guy, we don’t digest by the book, so why not do us a solid and bring us a bowl of gravy?  After all, the name of the dish derives from the Italian word focaccia.  I’d try it again though, if the next version had salt.
Recipes: Fugazza

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1 Response to Fugazza (Argentina)

  1. amyh44 says:

    Looks yummy! I made fugazzeta which is this but stuffed with cheese in the crust… also from Argentina.
    Check it out my international food blog.
    I am cooking my way around the world in a year! 195 countries in 365 days!

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