Chinese Sesame Cake

Chikan - Sesame Cake

Yep, combining cake and China, or even much of Asia in the same thought is likely to be met with a collective po-face.  Lest you forget I’ll remind you that there’s another definition of cake which has less to do with food– a dense, compact mass.  That sounds more like China, no?  Onward and upward…

Today’s comestible, 芝麻糖 zhī​matáng, or sesame candy, was discovered on a bridge in the village of Chikan, in Guangdong province; I implore you not to read it aloud as “chicken.”  The ingredients are few – white sesame seeds, black sesame seeds and sugar – but the impact is devastating.  What do I mean?  The woman selling this swell street food told me not to eat it fearing that it would make me gain weight.  How civilized.

Care to dive into that pile of sugar?  Ants would too!

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1 Response to Chinese Sesame Cake

  1. andmorefood says:

    I love the various types of brittle they have in China. I suppose the closest they come tto cake is sweet steamed fluffy muffins, but they sure make up for any lack of conventional cake with loads of other goodies!

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