Sauerkraut Juice (USA)

Manhattan - Sauerkraut Juice

That’s right, I exist.

Kidneys, who needs those?  That’s what detractors would say.  Translated literally from German as sour cabbage, sauerkraut is more commonly known as the food that could really use a suntan served on the side of pork sausage.  But as a drinkA juice?  Don’t come to my door for Halloween kids, for I’ve found a sodium-filled alternative.

It’s that sodium which helped make sauerkraut popular in Europe hundreds of years ago during the winter months, for it could preserve nutrient-filled foods such as this rotund vegetableNice, though scurvy isn’t making a comeback these days, so there’s no need to pollute our pantry shelves with leafy liquid laxatives.

Wait, I’ll be fair.  There are worse beverages out there, though what would you pair sauerkraut juice with?  Sausage still?  Unsalted pretzels?  Nothing?  Let us know your thoughts!


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2 Responses to Sauerkraut Juice (USA)

  1. andmorefood says:

    I’ve just had a good bit of sauerkraut at a recent oktoberfest event, but this sounds rather.. repellant. did you like it?

    • Thanks for following Collateral Lettuce, and for liking my disparate posts on sauerkraut juice and sesame cake!

      The sauerkraut juice is alright, mostly because it tastes as advertised. I was in slight pain when I first tried it, as I was eating kimchi chips at the same time…cabbage, this is neither the time nor the place! If you’re interested (in duping friends/yourself), you might be able to pick up a bottle at a health foods store.

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