Date Milk Shake (UAE)

Dubai - Safa Date Milk Shake

It’s a treat being in a Muslim country during part of Ramadan because it means there is an overabundance of dates available.  If you’re put off by the look of a date because you think it might as well be a tan termite queen, or if the texture is too obsolete and misleading, you might have gone even hungrier at iftar, the nightly breaking of the fast.  Aware that dates are nutritious and also high in fiber, sugar and carbohydrates, they serve as a great pick-me up during the holy month. Again, if you don’t like to eat tamr (Arabic), try to act like you do.  It’s only for one month every year…

Back to our originally scheduled programming, I really like to eat dates.  I can only hope that Bateel will open a store in New York City, though admit that when my fellow city-dwellers want a treat, they are more apt to buy chocolate, mochi, something with French adjectives, French nouns, or something that’s not French at all.  Good.  Meanwhile, when I’m scoping out a dessert that’s sweet and basically unfriendly to my teeth, a date milk shake does it well.

Which is to say, I haven’t yet found it in NYC (translation: it’s been a while since my last visit to Brooklyn’s Atlantic Ave.).  The milkshake shown above was tried and tested in Dubai, UAE, bought at a store called Seven Eleven, not to be confused with 7-11.  As if dates didn’t exact enough revenge on dentists, this drink had added sugar.  What’s wrong with doing what the label describes, and pouring milk onto a handful of dates?  Are sugarless beverages unmarketable in much of the world?  Yes.  Thus, prepare a batch for yourself using these shamelessly direct instructions.

Have you seen/tried a date milkshake before?  With or without extra sugar?

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5 Responses to Date Milk Shake (UAE)

  1. expatlingo says:

    As I love dates, this sounds pretty good.

  2. I would definitely try it. I’ve been meaning to take a tripe back to Dateland, AZ, ever heard of it?

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