Sugar Cane Juice

Lahore - Sugar Cane JuiceI first tried sugar cane juice in my single digits at a local supermarket.  I had more of a sweet tooth back then, but didn’t want to overindulge because I kept thinking that drinking too much of it would make your gums evaporate.  Soon thereafter I discovered root beer, so my theory that simply having “sugar” in the name didn’t necessarily spell imminent disaster.

In fact, you could do much worse than drinking sugar cane juice; for starters, it has a somewhat low glycemic index, which makes it palatable in moderation for diabetics.  Though it lacks in essential vitamins and minerals, it may assist in the fight against cancer.  Moreover, drinking it on the street might provide you with a free one-way ticket to the WC, because unrefrigerated sugar is a paradise for all of those pesky little things that you can’t see but soon after might smell…

Whereas sugar cane kindly lends itself to being used as a biofuel for cars in Brazil, it is savored a great deal as a drink in Southeast Asia, South Asia and South America.  After a pathetic game of cricket (some locals let me try, but kept making fun of my baseball-esque batting stance) near the Wazir Khan Mosque in Lahore, Pakistan, I happened upon the vendor above.  Sugar cane juice, which refreshing, didn’t entice me as much as the ginger and lime present.  Since I was feeling sick to the stomach already, why not have a glass?  Brilliant stuff, it was.

Have you tried sugar cane juice?

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4 Responses to Sugar Cane Juice

  1. I did a post a few days ago on the stuff in Vietnam. I guess you’re in India now? The drink is usually tinged with a touch of’s a delicious and refreshing drink…check out my post here:

  2. Marisa says:

    I haven’t, but I’d love to try it. (Ginger’s good for a sour stomach, fyi…)

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