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It’s Food. You’re Supposed to Eat It.

Is it food?  You might ask that question at a buffet, or in-flight or just to tease your friend.  But can food be art?  I’m not sure, because I’m too busy eating it. How about that?  Is that art?  No, … Continue reading

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Walnut Sausage

Given Name: ჩურჩხელა (churchkhela) Alias: pestil cevizli sucuk Place(s) of Origin: Georgia (the one where many people can stay for nearly a year visa-free) Place Consumed: Ankara, Turkey Common Features: Grape must*, flour and nuts, and fruit juices wouldn’t hurt … Continue reading

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Rasgulla (India)

Given Name: Rasagola Alias:  Rasgulla Place(s) of Origin: Odisha (Orissa), India Place Consumed: Dhaka, Bangladesh Common Features: chhena*, maida*, sugar syrup, (lemon juice) Background: I’m a sucker for South Asian desserts, but oh are they cloying.  More so than simply … Continue reading

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Ikinari Dango (Japan)

Given Name: いきなり団子 Alias:  Ikinari Dango*, Imokoi* Place(s) of Origin: Kumamoto, Japan Place Consumed: Kitakyushu, Japan Common Features: Glutinous rice, sweet potato, red beans Background: I get a kick out of wandering about the depachika* of Japan, collecting food samples, … Continue reading

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