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Teh Tarik (Malaysia and Singapore)

In fact, I had this drink at an Indian restaurant in Batam, Indonesia, but that island, as close as thirty-five minutes to Singapore by boat,  is so filled with unscrupulous Singaporeans – like the city-state itself – that it remains … Continue reading

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There’s No Street Food in Singapore

Yes, Singapore, East Asia‘s archetype of blandness had to find something to lure in those flying the Kangaroo route, and that something is most likely food.  Or, a gentle reminder of where you are.  No, it’s definitely food. If Collateral … Continue reading

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Rose Bandung

Given Name: Rose Bandung Alias: Air Bandung* Place(s) of Origin: Singapore/Malaysia Place Consumed: Singapore, at a 7-11 Common Features: Evaporated milk, rose syrup, food coloring, and water Background: Pink all over the place?  Klaxons were blaring, so I proceeded with … Continue reading

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