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Ascending Potato Mountain

Save for the photo itself, I have to give credit to an old friend for this one.  When she lived in Beijing, China the so-called potato mountain was a frequent visitor to her monogrammed chopsticks.  Ah no, they weren’t monogrammed, but … Continue reading

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Walnut Sausage

Given Name: ჩურჩხელა (churchkhela) Alias: pestil cevizli sucuk Place(s) of Origin: Georgia (the one where many people can stay for nearly a year visa-free) Place Consumed: Ankara, Turkey Common Features: Grape must*, flour and nuts, and fruit juices wouldn’t hurt … Continue reading

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Chinese New Year, Volume 1

Wealth.  Treasure.  Joy.  Score a goal- well, that too- Advance.  Whether or not you knew that the Chinese characters printed on these apples had those meanings, you’d more likely want to know that they still taste like apples.  And what … Continue reading

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Knowledge is Power, Particularly When You’re Hungry

It’s a cinch finding something to eat in Jakarta.  Whether or not you want to eat it is a different story, as is whether or not you should, but those two moments of reluctance when approaching a street food vendor are … Continue reading

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Shiromomo (Japan)

Given Name: 白桃 Alias: Shiromomo, (Shimizu) white peach Place(s) of Origin: China, but they’ve been in Japan for centuries Place Consumed: Okayama, Japan Background: Have you heard of the Japanese tale called *Momotaro (桃太郎)?  There’s a good chance it originated … Continue reading

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Puchka (Bangladesh)

Given Name: Puchka Alias:  Panipuri*, Phuchka, Gol Gappa, Gup Chup Place(s) of Origin: India Place Consumed: Dhaka, Bangladesh Common Features: Potatoes, chickpeas, puri, tamarind, water, a newspaper (taking the place of banana leaves) Background: I was teaching English in Shenzhen, … Continue reading

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Five Years Later, Gristle Still Tastes The Same

The memory is a bit cloudy as to when I started eating street food, though I was likely in my single-digits upon having my first New York pretzel and hot dog.  That’s where things get much clearer- I haven’t eaten … Continue reading

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Mexico City’s Griddle of Gastric Goodness

Some might complain that the same griddle shouldn’t be used for both vegetables and carne, or meat.  Sometimes I’d agree– I’m a big fan of late-night barbeque vendors in China, but when they place the red tide shellfish and Chinese … Continue reading

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