New Idea(s)

Don’t worry everyone, I still like food

But this idea has been stirring about for a while now: what’s in a restaurant name?

I blame my fascination with language, Japan and China for this.  You see, there’s no shortage of places to get sushi or auspiciously-titled fried rice dishes – among foods inspired by many other cuisines – in New York City.  I know this not simply because varying one’s diet is motivational, but also from having walked all over the city.

Yes, curiosity leads us to the main event.  From having studied a bit of Japanese and Chinese, among other languages, I became fascinated with what menus and signs said — and meant to say.

Manhattan - Arata IzumiFor our first example, let’s take Arata Izumi in Manhattan:

新た arata = new
泉 izumi = fountain

Does that have anything to do with food?  Debatable.  Though it could be fun to see the names that really take a turn for the unusual.

What I’d like to do is invite you to e-mail me photos of restaurant names so that we can all delight in and/or try make sense of what the owners were thinking.  This isn’t limited to New York City; really, names of supermarkets, restaurants, cafés, any food-related establishment ANYWHERE out there.  (Yes, you could always ask the proprietor, but this method might be more amusing)


Oh, and WordPress, chill with the domain name renewal notices.  It’s been a month; what’s with you?


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One Response to New Idea(s)

  1. expatlingo says:

    Like the new idea. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for an appropriate sign to submit.

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