Cow Jam (Egypt)

In December 2013, I paid a second visit to the chaotic Khan el-Khalili market in Cairo, Egypt.  It’s a mess, but it’s a centuries-old mess, so…partial credit.  The first time I went was in January 2007, but a local friend offered take me around town so I didn’t get to wander on my own.  You know, because wandering around alone always pays off.

Wearing something of a disguise – a beard – I managed to flummox even the most tourist-savvy touts of Cairo’s famous bazaar, who were convinced that I was Egyptian.  Naturally, the time came to ask a clerk a question – not in Arabic, thus ending the previously successful walk-through.

“What’s that?…”

Cairo, Egypt - Cow Jam (Vitamin Supplement)

The grand-prize winners

Oh, it’s just a vitamin supplement.


Trivia: Did you know that Dearborn, Michigan has the highest percentage of Arab-Americans…in the US?  Do I need to mention that they’re in the US, or would you expect a large Arab-American population in Lithuania?  Anyway, what does this have to do with cow jam?  There’s a music festival in Mendon, Michigan that goes by the same name.  Funny how you’re even more confused now than before you read this post.


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