I Left My Heart in Kansas City. I’m Talking About Eating Barbecue.

Let’s play a game.

Heart healthy.  Which of the following do you not associate with that phrase?:

(Oh, it’s my turn already?)  Salmon, exercise, the United States, barbecue, Wankel rotary engine.

Looks like the words written in bold are onto something.  You see, in its haughty haste to offer an ever increasing panoply of cuisines, New York City brushes off a good deal of regional eats from around the USA.  For the sake of our waist lines, that might be a calculated idea.  Though, much to my chagrin, Kansas City, Missouri isn’t in our backyard.


Click the image to view my food trail

So, I had to pay my respects.    Did you know that cows have four stomachs?  I am not a cow.

Truth be told, I had more than one day to sample the fabled food in Kansas City, but I was hungry.  Eh, not that hungry, but it had to happen.  Lunch #1, burnt ends at Arthur Bryant’s, was easily my favorite of the three, but that’s precisely the issue.  A mere twenty minutes later, I had another burnt ends at Gates Bar.B.Q.  I wasn’t walking upright by this point anyway, but the second sandwich was markedly inferior, in terms of the sauce, the cut of the…ends, and the pickles.

After that asinine moment in my life, I took a long walk through the city, somehow not passing any other bbq restaurant along the way, and made it to Country Club Plaza, a shopping district that unusually (for the US) takes pride in showing off its sister city relationship with Sevilla, Spain.  My dinner, pork ribs with gallons of sauce, hailed from Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue.  The ribs were decent, as was that raspberry quince tea, and the pickles helped lessen the sweetness of the sauce, but what’s with the lonely slice of white bread?  I’ve had better offerings in economy class – oh, scratch that thought.

–Have you been to Kansas City?  Do you eat meat?  Did I put those two questions in the right order?


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4 Responses to I Left My Heart in Kansas City. I’m Talking About Eating Barbecue.

  1. andmorefood says:

    I eat meat, but I haven’t been to kansas 😦 mega-jealousy over here!

  2. Asian Fatass says:

    Been to Kansas City for a BBQ Festival. Love meat, not crazy about BBQ…too sweet for me. T.T

    • Ah, but have you tried bbq from North Carolina, Texas or SoCal? All different, including the sauces. I’m generally that way about main courses – don’t want something sweet – but for THAT food, it’s an exception that my heart regrets!

      Did you get to Arthur Bryant’s?

      • Asian Fatass says:

        Nope, I went for the big BBQ Royale they have every year. We had food from a couple stalls there and stayed in Leawood, and had dinner at some sports bar and sushi for lunch. 😛 It was just a two day trip.

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