Ekmek Kadayıfı (Turkey)

Ankara- Kaymaklı Ekmek Kadayıfı

Baykent Barma, Ankara

Looks nasty, no?  No, I’m not referring to the soiled tabletop.  Ekmek kadayıfı, today’s highlighted food, hails from Turkey, the land of things that don’t look right but taste good, and things that look wrong but taste good.

First, let’s work on a language lesson- pronouncing the “i” without a friend, the Turkish letter “ı.”  First word of advice, don’t pronounce it as “one” merely because it looks like an eccentric 1.  If you sound out the sarcastic “duh” with the d omitted, or “the” with th removed, you’re onto something.  If you’re stuck on ka-da-yee-fee, you’ll be going hungry.  If it sounds more like ka-da-yuh-fuh, it’ll be the waiter blushing, not you.  In other words, go with the latter.

On the whole, ekmek means bread, and kadayıfı roughly speaking, is a pastry soaked in a sweet syrup.  They’ve got that right.  I thought India cornered the market on nauseatingly sugary (you know, unhealthy) desserts, but it looks like the subcontinent isn’t the only place to sit uncomfortably in an economy class seat…

After scanning through assorted recipes, it seems the base is usually bought pre-made.  If you can’t find a frozen brick of kadayıfı dough laying around your local supermarket, try a crumpet.  If your supermarket is so philistine/patriotic as to not even stock crumpets, seek immediate help online.  A common companion is kaymak, or clotted cream made from water buffaloes.  It oozed.

Can you gain weight from reading?  Let me know.


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2 Responses to Ekmek Kadayıfı (Turkey)

  1. A says:

    Don’t be hating on galub jamun….or sugar

    • I went to a place on 14th St. yesterday called Baohaus (someone you know might like it…that someone isn’t me). They threw “Taiwanese red sugar” on my sandwich. Chill.

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