Cucumber Soda (USA)

NY - Mr. Q. Cumber

Did you know that cucumbers are fruits?  Show off to (and get summarily ridiculed by) your friends by making a fruit salad of tomatoes, avocados and cucumbers.  Also, that pastrami sandwich won’t be the same anymore…

Speaking of disappointment, new from the exciting world of drinks and horrible puns that you never needed to know existed comes Mr. Q. Cumber.  Is it soda, is it pop?  The answer is: it’s random.  A visit to a World Market store in New York provided me with Collateral Lettuce fodder for today, and likely source material for future posts.  Then again, I’m in New York; it’s not a chore locating a subject worthy of mention.

To be candid, I didn’t have high hopes for a cucumber soft drink.  Even one of the West’s greatest edible enemies, the durian, wasn’t as worrisome a purchase as this.  Why?  Well, compared with the two sips I had of a durian shake, I was only able to finish one sip of cucumber juice.

Might the addition of sugar thus become the savior?  In fact, yes.  It wasn’t a complete disappointment, and if you’re a bonafide fan (of cucumber, not cucumber soda) there was no denying that cukes were present.  I do try not to get drinks with added sugar, but in many parts of the world, that’s about as unlikely to happen as this woman smiling for the camera.


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