Multi-Continent Mediocrity

Aren’t immigration patterns thought-provoking?  Sorry, that’s probably a better starter for my other blog.

Aren’t food migration patterns thought-provoking?  They are inextricably linked to waves of immigration, but it could also be that someone went overseas, savored a particular vegetable, drupe or grain so much that it was introduced to the homeland.  Then there’s the extreme case of frogs gone wild, which involves neither French cooking nor frogs.

In any event, whether you’re a raving fan of fusion cuisine or in complete denial of the phrase’s existence, you’ve probably tried it.  Think all of those items at your supermarket are native to…that supermarket?  That would be friggin’ awesome, but also friggin’ weird.  Does your pizza have tomato sauce in addition to mozzarella cheese, or pineapple?  Can’t munch enough of that jalapeño cheddar cornbread?  Too late, you’ve already delved deep beyond the fusion frontier.  Feeling unclean?  Have some topsoil, on the house.

Enter Sydney, Australia.  Also enter my whimsical appetite.  After a long day of trying to fit in with the locals, I decided to grab a snack.  Since the -ite foods that sound more like rock formations were best saved to start the morning, I aimed for something more on-the-go.  Sushi, that’s the ticket.  Selecting a roll with fish was apparently too commonplace for me, so I went with this:

Sydney - Avocado Pumpkin Maki

Avocado and pumpkin.  These are two of my favorite foods (it’s a dizzyingly long list), but the execution sadly was unimpressive.  Still, it’s not one of those newfangled sushi concoctions meant to give you nightmares, though I was fascinated that this Australian-made Japanese specialty (originally developed in Southeast Asia) contained two North American ingredients.

Want to know more about where your preferred foods came from?  Great.

Uhh…this is awkward.  Were you expecting to find a link to click?

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