Water Chestnut Juice (馬蹄水)

Malaysia - Water Chestnut JuiceWater chestnuts– these vegetables possess a great crunch, but for whatever reason I wasn’t much of a fan as a kid.  It might be because I liken the taste to adding salty water to sweetened soil.
Also, I never liked (and still don’t like) Americanized Chinese food, except for the mustard packets and egg rolls, in that order.  Still,   荸荠 bí​qí or 馬/马蹄 mǎ​tí, the latter of which also meaning horseshoe, earned my respect when I lived in China, since they #1 made for a good snack on the run, and #2 probably weren’t made of recycled endangered species pretending to be something else.  Oh, and here’s the unfortunate bit about being literate: apparently, raw water chestnuts can contain parasites.  Aren’t you just counting the reasons to live abroad?

I’ve noted in previous posts that I don’t like getting drinks with added sugar.  However, if there’s a stand-out that isn’t likely as easily found in New York, or I’m already reeling from the effects of lunch’s “cooking oil soup,” what’s the harm?  Enter 馬蹄水 mǎ​tíshuǐ, or water chestnut… water, a carb-filled feast that’s neither refreshing nor imaginary.  It was exactly as you’d expect, but not as fibrous.  You can be thankful that there aren’t any unsavory consequences after drinking a can.

Fan of water chestnuts?  Why?

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