Ascending Potato Mountain

Jonathan Spring 2009 766

Save for the photo itself, I have to give credit to an old friend for this one.  When she lived in BeijingChina the so-called potato mountain was a frequent visitor to her monogrammed chopsticks.  Ah no, they weren’t monogrammed, but wouldn’t that be something else.

We stayed in Beijing for a short time a few years ago, and as food was a motivating factor to…be motivated, we went to eat this starchy snack.  That’s where my first gaffe hails from- I have no idea what the Chinese name is.  If it’s actually 薯山 (shǔshān), I’ll have to give myself a kick in the bum for never asking to eat it anywhere else.  Seeing as I don’t plan on fasting for the rest of my life, there will be ample opportunities to mispronounce it.

Strike two: what are the ingredients?  Besides having heaps of tubers, there were onions (maybe leeks) and red chilies, in addition to salt.  Everything else is still a mystery.  Whatever the potato mountain was, it was done well.  Too well.  Who knew that shoestring potatoes were popular treats in China?  Maybe it’s because it’s messy…

Do you or anyone you know have information about the evasive potato mountain?  Did you ever think that, after eating it, the only thing you wouldn’t want to do is climb a real mountain?


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