Snow Mushroom Juice (Thailand)

Bangkok- Snow Mushroom JuiceThe display was welcoming enough.  A bit surprised that it took me this long to find a juice in which the main ingredient was mushrooms, considering that in East Asia, you can attribute vague, misleading and contradictory health benefits to nearly anything edible.  I’ve found it a bit amusing that, in accordance with traditional Chinese medicine, certain plants and animals are purported to be great for insert health problem here, yet if they aren’t native to China…how does that happen?  On the other hand, I’ll eat pretty much anything too.

The polysaccharides of this cloud-like fungus are supposedly used to strengthen the immune system, assist with radiotherapy/cancer treatment and combat wrinkles, and also to give me another topic to write about.  Looking to compose a review of your own?  Buy a bottle.

The producers might have thought that a drink consisting only of mushrooms would be a tough sell- if consumers wanted that flavor, they could put a straw in the forest floor after a rain shower- so rock sugar syrup makes an appearance.  Still, upon first gulp you know that a mushroom was harmed in the making of the drink, not to mention there are floating flecks to attend to your textural desires.  Not overpowering, nothing like asparagus juice.



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