Knowledge is Power, Particularly When You’re Hungry

Jakarta, Jalan Sabang - Jus Alpukat, Sate, BookIt’s a cinch finding something to eat in Jakarta.  Whether or not you want to eat it is a different story, as is whether or not you should, but those two moments of reluctance when approaching a street food vendor are part of the fun.  

Yep, there’s a chance you didn’t know that getting a drink or dessert with ice or wolfing down a plate of inauspiciously cut fruit might make you sick, or worse, wanting to go for seconds.  So for your consideration, I introduce to you Jalan Sabang (aka Jalan H. Agus Salim), a small but busy street in Central Jakarta that at night, becomes a rollicking hotspot for street stalls, buskers and booksellers.  It’s a traffic-heavy, pollution-friendly microcosm for the rest of the city, but if brushing up on your nonexistent Indonesian skills over a plate of chicken sate, an avocado shake and sappy rock music sounds like a swell evening, Jalan Sabang might be the place for you.  Just don’t forget to say tanpa es, without ice, or else you might not be returning for a long time.


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