Language Problems, Volume 2: Once Offal, Twice Awful

If you’re wondering where Language Problems, Volume 1 can be found, here’s a bit of assistance.  But that entry wasn’t titled as such, because upon ordering what I thought was a foccacia sandwich, I saw exactly what was going to deceive me.  What was the lesson to be learned?  Spleen is bad, my Italian is worse.  Which is not to say, I’ve never been a fan of offal.

Long before this run-in came a meal that was far, far more miserable.  I was teaching in Jakarta, Indonesia at the time, and for one particular lunch break I chose to veer down a street previously untraveled.  The street was innocent though, just like my desire to try new meals.

I stopped at a warung (small shop/eatery), taking care to avoid both the splintery edges of the bench and distance between said bench and the counter where the food is placed.  Put another way, if you have any respect for your knees, you’d best be cautious about how you sit.  Generally, I’d be able to navigate much of a standard warung menu- nasi means ricegila crazy, and nasi gila a whole bunch of proteins and reused cooking oil bound to make your insides lose their train of thought- BUT I had no idea what was on this menu.  So, “something” with nasi was my choice…

dsc01025I’ll give the chef credit though, for the eggplant and sambal (chili-based sauces) worked.  Really though, what’s going on?  Do organs take a turn for the worst in the southern hemisphere?  Here’s a dish that makes you feel forlorn in no time.  Still, I tried one of everything…could you help decipher the contents?

Then, I thought to see if Photoshop had what it takes to make it appetizing.  Scratch that–> had what it takes to make it picture menu-worthy, approachable in front of a restaurant in Japan.   Nasty, right?  So I took another route.

2dsc01025The eggplant joins in the nauseating fun.  I’m so disappointed.

Do you like offal?  How about when you didn’t want to eat it?

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