Shiromomo (Japan)

Okayama - ShiromomoGiven Name: 白桃
Alias: Shiromomo, (Shimizu) white peach
Place(s) of Origin: China, but they’ve been in Japan for centuries
Place Consumed: Okayama, Japan
Background: Have you heard of the Japanese tale called *Momotaro (桃太郎)?  There’s a good chance it originated in Okayama prefecture.  It involves a boy who floated to earth inside a peach, befriended a pheasant, monkey and dog and with them, fought off demons on “devil’s island.”  That, or it’s the name of a hair salon in New York City.  In any event, Okayama is home to Kōrakuen, one of the three most renowned gardens in Japan, numerous references to Momotaro (ie, in the form of statues and manhole covers), and the white peach.
Verdict: Whereas I usually shy away from snacking on peaches due to their unemployable (fuzzy) appearance, I’ve never had a sweeter peach than the shiromomo. Indeed, the white versions of the fruit are generally sweeter and less acidic than trademark reddish-pink peaches, but any purchase is a gamble.  It’s only in season during the summer, so a late July-early August visit will do you good.
*Folklore: Momotaro (in English); Momotaro (in Japanese)

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