Yaki Curry (Japan)

Moji - Yaki Curry

Given Name: 焼きカレー
Alias:  Yaki* Curry
Place(s) of Origin: Moji*, Kitakyushu, Japan
Place Consumed: Moji, Kitakyushu, Japan
Common Features: Rice, Japanese curry sauce, cream/cheese, eggs
Background: For my second visit to the island of Kyushu, I decided to visit Kitakyushu, an industrial city that for lack of a better description, affords nearby views of the city of Shimonoseki on Japan’s largest island, Honshu.  Although one of my goal’s was to visit Shimonoseki, a city famous for fugu*, I read that the Moji district of Kitakyushu had a little something of its own, baked Japanese curry.  Would I postpone my destiny with fugu just for a hot plate of cholesterol?  Put it that way, and it really doesn’t matter in which order to eat the two…
Verdict: I’ve got to stop eating these heavy dishes for lunch; it’s hard to walk for hours on a gullet full of cream, eggs and salt.  I was in an off-season (never on?) place at an off-season time, so it appeared no restaurants were open.  An hour-long conversation with a local artist introduced me to the “retro Moji” eatery, where I hungrily ordered the yaki curry.  A bit decadent, what with cream forming a moat around the pile of eggs, resting on top of potatoes and a slightly sweet and salty baked Japanese curry.  If you’re in the mood to feel guilty, order one for yourself.  If you know better than me, sharing it might not hurt.  It was worth the trek, but get some tea or water to help out.
Recipe: The English ones are a bit nutty (in terms of the recipe, not the taste), so try the internet’s hand in translating Japanese recipes.

*(Japanese) Yaki = 焼き/焼, cook, bake, roast, grill
Moji= 門司, formerly a city, now a district in Kitakyushu;
fugu= 河豚, 鰒 or フグ, poisonous pufferish


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