Rose Bandung

Singapore- Rose Bandung (Drink)

Given Name: Rose Bandung
Alias: Air Bandung*
Place(s) of Origin: Singapore/Malaysia
Place Consumed: Singapore, at a 7-11
Common Features: Evaporated milk, rose syrup, food coloring, and water
Background: Pink all over the place?  Klaxons were blaring, so I proceeded with extreme caution.  Rose is neither a favorite flower nor a favorite flavor, but I had never seen the drink before, either that or I expressly ignored it (remember: pink all over the place?).
Verdict: I was expecting something sweet, and Ice Cool didn’t disappoint.  Then again, pretty much every drink in Southeast Asia besides water is sweetened.  You could taste the rose, the milk and the sugar, but also a hint of who-knows-which additive.  Tossed it after just a few sips, and headed for a bag of salted peanuts immediately afterwards.

*(Malay) air= water, bandung=pair


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