Mexico City’s Griddle of Gastric Goodness

Mexico City- Griddle of Gastric GoodnessSome might complain that the same griddle shouldn’t be used for both vegetables and carne, or meat.  Sometimes I’d agree– I’m a big fan of late-night barbeque vendors in China, but when they place the red tide shellfish and Chinese sausages right where my requested 馒头 (mantou), or northern Chinese buns are now cooking…next time, I might just order four instead of six.

Other times, there’s Mexican food.   If you eat just about everything anyway, what’s the problem?  Take this picture for example.  Did you make out the green peppers, onions, leeks, chorizo, chicken, red peppers, whale al pastor, diced pork, and tortillas?  True, there’s something wrong with that sentence.  I forgot to mention the salt shaker in the upper right part of the photo. It’s a setting that I’d like to relive day after day, but if only there were avocados around…

Oh right.  I asked the chef to pile on a sample of everything onto a plate, and to throw in extra “guacamole.”  It didn’t flow like hot sauce usually does, plus it was opaque and light green, so I took a guess.  Turns out that it wasn’t guacamole, and instead I couldn’t talk or breath easily for fifteen minutes.  A local eater kept laughing at me.  I wasn’t trying to get into a college fraternity- how can anyone eat that and carry on a hallucination-free conversation?  Spiciest thing I’ve had in my life so far.

What is the spiciest meal or hot sauce you’ve tried/suffered from?  Can you thank Mexico for it?


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4 Responses to Mexico City’s Griddle of Gastric Goodness

  1. Adam says:

    I would like to see you blog about San loco

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